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iStates - A simple but interesting application which can help you and your children learn their states and capitals.  Link in iTunes: iStates - iTunes

Tic Tac Knoe -

Reviews: http://iphoneapppodcast.com/tic-tac-knoe-iphone-app-review

And: http://www.iphoneappreviews.net/2009/01/21/tic-tac-knoe/

Tic Tac Knoe - This is my first commercial iPhone application. It is now on Version 3.1 and the graphics and logic are very high quality. The game currently has 100 levels each of which has their own graphics and logic.  This alone makes TTK a great game for adults and children. At an low price of .99 in the US, along with free upgrades of new versions the game is very enticing.

In the game, you play a version of Tic Tac Toe against the iPhone and it gets smarter as time goes on, although each level will play against you in exactly the same way each time.  If you make the same moves on a given level, so does the iPhone.  This will allow you to Knoe the game and beat the iPhone but only if you remember how you last played that level.....  The first 10 or so levels are very simple, getting past 30 is pretty tricky.

For Version 3.0 the graphics have been completely redesigned.  After you finish all the levels there is a short surprise if you have the fastest time.  Please send me questions if you get stuck on a level.  With some patience, each level is able to be conquered.  Version 3.0 also keeps the best time on the internet, so keep trying!

What else would you like to see in this game?  Some people have said its too easy, others too hard.  How many people have finished it in under 2000 seconds?  Let me know.

A simple and fun game for all.  More games and more releases to follow.  This is a kid safe game and still very fun for adults too.  The graphics are striking and I am certain everyone will have favorite levels.

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I have been developing software for the past 3 decades and the iPhone has just taken me.  This is my first iPhone application developed on the first Apple computer I have owned.  Apple has made the iPhone and Application Store so inviting for individual developers to be a part of.

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